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When I was “introduced” to the Internet nearly 13 years ago, I was immediately drawn to blogging. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so keeping an online journal was a natural progression from my paper one (and far more frequently updated. I guess I prefer typing to handwriting). I had so much fun writing, especially writing Dreamling, which was by far the longest, most cohesive blog I ever owned. I loved the opportunity I had to write on different aspects of my life and interests. For over a year now, I have been struggling with being able to sit down and write anything that anyone who doesn’t know me personally may wish to read. I’ve exhausted all the controversial topics and tend to sound off on current events on Twitter. I’ve never been a technical writer, so I never felt at home in the obvious niche web dev blog market that I’d likely fit into. And there are other people who have much more time to dedicate to taking photos and recording recipes for their favourite foods. So, for a long while I’ve felt aimless in my blogging. I’ve obviously tried to ignore this, and at least created the space for a… Read More.


Web design began as a hobby for me at the turn of the century.

Now it is my day job, side project one-through-six and what I do to unwind after a stressful day.
Over the years some print, illustration and rich media have added themselves to the mix.

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